On October 13, an interview with Alexander Zhurbin appeared on the air of the "Dozhd" TV Channel. Mr. Zhurbin told about the concert in honor of the 125th anniversary of Marina Tsvetaeva, which was attended by Zoya Petrova.
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Sixteen moments of Tsvetaeva's muse ...

Alexander Zhurbin and Zoya Petrova - the 125th anniversary of Marina Tsvetaeva

Igor Koryabin, 12.10.2016 at 16:16 for belcanto.ru

e-j2wljwbcm125th anniversary of Marina Tsvetaeva (1892-1941) - one of the greatest Russian poets of the XX century, writer and translator - is coming next year. She was born in Moscow on 8. October (26. September old style). In anticipation of the memorable year of Tsvetaeva - expiring on the home straight of the year - to the subject of her work, embodied in music, the author of these lines is brought to contact the second time. The first one at the beginning of the year was associated with the premiere in the Nizhniy Novgorod Opera and Ballet Theatre. Diptych opera of Alexander Pushkin with music by Rostov composer Leonid Klinichev "Anna - Marina."That remarkable statement of an immersion in the fate of two great Russian women - Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva - invited opposing to contrast their life and poetry.

The second time was a very recent perfomance of two song cycles with piano accompaniment on poems by Marina Tsvetaeva, which took place on December, 5th in theWhite living room in the House-Museum of Tsvetaeva in Borisoglebsk Lane in Moscow. There were pieces of music "The Poet" and "Marina" (composer — Alexander Zhurbin), who has been very active in Moscow recently.

As a soloist performed laureate of national and international competitions
Zoya Petrova (lyric-coloratura soprano), the owner of bright, timbrally-rich,
expressive, voice with sensual textures. In 2014, the singer graduated from the
College of the Gnessin Academy of Music, and is currently studying in the third
year of the Moscow Schnittke Institute of Music in the class soprano Irina
Rubtsova (soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia).



Interview with Zoya for My Life


Opera singer Zoya on the My Fashion Day fashion show.

The original interview on the My Life Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDQLOoRMeomhVd77zzch2Kg

Interview with Zoya for Media Times


A. Zhurbin about Zoya Petrova for "Echo of Moscow"

Full interview on their website: http://echo.msk.ru/programs/dithyramb/1987208-echo/


Zhurbin "squeaked" the singers sang and applauses burst ...

The museum of "Art Deco" held creative evening of the the famous composer, author of the first Soviet rock opera "Orpheus and Eurydice",  many popular songs, film music, academic works.

One of the invited artists was a young opera singer Zoya Petrova - student of the Moscow State Institute of Music, who also shared her impressions of the concert.
Media Times: In an unexpected summer concert by Alexander Zhurbin at the Art Deco museum, even more surprisingly it was to see among the performing artists a young opera singer. How did you get to this stage?

I liked Zhurbin's music since childhood. When I heard the album "Two Portraits", I immediately realized how deep and strong this music is. I enthusiastically and quickly learned the whole album. Alexander Borisovich heard my performance and praised, adding that the cycle is difficult and requires musical literacy for its execution, the understanding of poetry, professional knowledge of the voice. In December 2015 I had a solo concert at the Art Deco Museum. I love to perform on this stage among the fabulous paintings, stained glass, sculptures.
M.T: And how do you work with the maestro?

Zoya: I had to sing almost while reading music at sight. We rehearsed only once. It is easy to work with the maestro, he is very kind, sociable person, like his music. After the concert, a woman approached me and said that my performance made her the tears rolled down her face, and her smile itself arose. These words are very important to me, and I'm happy to perform such great music beloved by audience.

M.T .: Perhaps there is expectation about further cooperation with Zhurbin?

Zoya: I would like to continue to work with Alexander Borisovich. I would like to sing the aria Euridice and possible new works of the composer. For me, this is a unique opportunity to perform great music and a understand Russian poetry deeper .

M.T .: We wish you the most fulfillment of these desires and matches. We hope to see you again and again on stage with the "great" people, not only musicians.

Zoya: Thank you very much!

Valery Karavaev, photo by Yuri Pokrovsky.

Article of the Media Times.

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